Dear Potential Sponsors,

My name is Bethany Gaut, I am the Head Volleyball Coach at Liberty Charter High School. LCHS is a public charter school located in Lemon Grove, CA. As a charter school we lease and do not own our facilities, therefore less money is available to fund after school activities, including sports teams. Fundraising is necessary to field quality programs. We are actively seeking individuals, families, and businesses willing to sponsor our team. Liberty Charter High School is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.

The school pays for the rental cost of our facilities and offsets costs of athletic uniforms and equipment. Our team is responsible to pay for the majority of conference dues, invitational fees and any equipment or uniform needs that the Athletic Budget cannot cover. Following is a breakdown of this year’s costs:

$3994 Ref Fees and Tournament fees ( 2 teams)
$200 Team Bonding nights and Parent Mtg
$200 Breast Cancer Night
$400 Senior Night
$500 Banquet and trophies
$1050 Misc Expenses (Donation Banners, Varsity Overnighter, fundraiser promos)

Total =$6,750 * Listed below are levels of Team Sponsorship.

Level     Amount     Thank you acknowledgment
Silver Club     $100     Signed team picture.
Gold Club     $250     Signed team picture, banner, public advertising and free admission to all home games for you and your family for the season.
Platinum Club     $500     All of the above plus engraved plaque with a team picture.

All banners will be hung in the Lemon grove Rec Center for all games during the Fall season for the community to see. Businesses will also receive advertising at our big volleyball events in our event program handout, school website and our LCHS monthly newsletter.

Thanks for your consideration,
Bethany Gaut

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