Liberty Charter Team: Volleyball, Boys

Level: varsity

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Team Picture  

Team History

# of Year of CIF Championship:
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# of League Championship:
Specific Years of League Championship:


Head Coach: Jonathan Abbas
Assistant Coaches:

Schedule & Scores

Overall Records:16-15-0 League Records:7-3-0
Date Time Opponent Facility Result
 03-02-2017   05:15PM   San Diego Academy    Lemon Grove Recreation Center   L 
 03-03-2017   03:00PM   Helix    Olympian   L 
 03-03-2017   03:00PM   Coronado    Olympian   L 
 03-03-2017   03:00PM   Olympian    Olympian   L 
 03-03-2017   03:00PM   Morse    Olympian   L 
 03-04-2017   03:00PM   San Diego    Olympian   W 
 03-04-2017   03:00PM   San Ysidro    Olympian   W 
 03-04-2017   03:00PM   High Tech CV    Olympian   W 
 03-04-2017   03:00PM   Vincent Memorial    Olympian   W 
 03-07-2017   05:15PM   Calvary Christian Academy, SD    Lemon Grove Recreation Center   W 
 03-09-2017   05:00PM   Fallbrook    Fallbrook   L 
 03-17-2017   03:45PM   San Diego Academy    San Diego Academy   L 
 03-20-2017   03:00PM   Chula Vista       L 
 03-21-2017   03:30PM   High Tech CV    Kari Lyn Sutherland Gym   W 
 04-04-2017   05:15PM   The OFarrell Charter School    Liberty Charter Gym (Lemon Grove Rec Center)   L 
 04-06-2017   05:15PM   High Tech SD    Liberty Charter Gym (Lemon Grove Rec Center)   W 
 04-07-2017   03:00PM   Pacific Ridge    Valhalla High School Gym   L 
 04-07-2017   03:00PM   Mission Hills    Valhalla High School Gym   L 
 04-07-2017   03:00PM   Helix    Valhalla High School Gym   L 
 04-08-2017   03:00PM   Monte Vista/Spring Valley    Valhalla High School Gym   W 
 04-08-2017   09:00AM   Tri City Christian    Valhalla High School Gym   W 
 04-08-2017   09:00AM   El Camino    Valhalla High School Gym   L 
 04-18-2017   05:15PM   Escondido Adventist Academy    Liberty Charter Gym (Lemon Grove Rec Center)   W 
 04-20-2017   03:30PM   The OFarrell Charter School    OFarrell Community   L 
 04-25-2017   05:00PM   High Tech SD    High Tech SD   L 
 04-26-2017   04:45PM   Health Sciences High    Lemon Grove Recreation Center   W 
 04-27-2017   05:15PM   High Tech CV    Lemon Grove Recreation Center   W 
 05-01-2017   04:30PM   Health Sciences High    Lemon Grove Recreation Center   W 
 05-02-2017   03:30PM   Chula Vista Learning Comm. Cen    Border View Family YMCA   W 
 05-05-2017   02:30PM   Chula Vista Learning Comm. Cen    Lemon Grove Recreation Center   W 
 05-09-2017   07:00PM   Mission Bay       W 


Last Name First Name Year Number Height (ft & in) Weight Position
Espinoza Raul 11 0-0 0
Evans Joshua 12 0-0 0
Greenfield Caleb 10 0-0 0
Grimm Gabe 11 0-0 0
Mendoza Diego 12 0-0 0
Siracusa Dante 10 0-0 0
Vogan Kenneth 9 0-0 0
Weigel Jason 12 0-0 0
Wilson Shane 10 0-0 0
Woodhams Caleb 10 0-0 0

Hello Family, Friends and Potential Sponsors,

I am the Varsity Boys Volleyball Coach at Liberty Charter High School. LCHS is a public charter school located in Lemon Grove, CA. As a charter school we lease and do not own our facilities, therefore less money is available to fund after school activities, including sports teams. Fundraising is necessary to field quality programs. We are actively seeking individuals, families, and businesses willing to sponsor our team. Liberty Charter High School is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. The school pays for the rental cost of our facilities and offsets costs of athletic uniforms and equipment. Our team is responsible to pay for the majority of referee and tournament fees and any equipment or uniform needs that the Athletic Budget can not cover. Following is a breakdown of this year’s costs:

$2,000 Referee and tournament fees
$2,500 Team uniforms, gear and warm up shirts
$1,000 Volleyball Equipment (practice/game balls, safety equipment, weighted ball)
$500 Banquet and trophies

Total = $6,000 - Listed below are levels of Team Sponsorship.

Please fill out the information below to Donate: