LCHS Critical Incidents

This page will display any critical incidents that happen at any of the Literacy First Charter School Campuses. Please use the registration button at the bottom of this page to receive alerts via email or text.

Below is a list of critical incidents that have happened within the last 30 days at any of the Literacy First Charter School Campuses

Oct. 4th, 2021 - Primary Academy

Yesterday at the PA about 1:30 a tow truck pulling a motor home stopped across from the PA Mollison entrance and the motor home exploded into flames. The fire department came and took care of the situation. There was no harm to our students at any point. The motor home and tow truck were removed about 2:45 before afternoon pick up. So if you hear your kiddos talking about this. It is real. Some of our students were at recess when this occurred. Again, our it was not on our property and there was no danger posed to our campus during this incident. Thank you.

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