LCHS Critical Incidents

This page will display any critical incidents that happen at any of the Literacy First Charter School Campuses. Please use the registration button at the bottom of this page to receive alerts via email or text.

Below is a list of critical incidents that have happened within the last 30 days at any of the Literacy First Charter School Campuses

Nov. 29th, 2017 - Primary Academy

Today at the Primary Academy, our campus went into a "soft" lock down due to police action in the area. There was no imminent danger to our school, however, in the abundance of caution, we felt it better to keep our kiddos in the house until the helicopter was no longer in our range. ECPD advised us of the situation and we acted accordingly. The campus was on a soft lock down which means we remained indoors for the duration of time needed which was about 15 minutes. Our students were calm and safe. This occurred this morning before 10am.

Nov. 30th, 2017 -

Nov. 30th, 2017 - Primary Academy

Today out of an abundance of caution, the Primary Academy went into a "soft" lockdown, meaning all students were inside in closed locked doors. This occurred due to ECPD action in the area and helicopters were flying overhead. Our children were in no imminent danger and were inside safe and calm. The entire incident was about 15 minutes.

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